Lee Photo-A-Large (250x250)I wrote “The Elements of Entrepreneurial Success” because I have seen hundreds of small businesses struggle for years because they lack a full understanding of one or more of relatively elementary business issues, such as:

  1. Under capitalization.
  2. Poor (or no) cash flow management.
  3. Undocumented work processes.
  4. Not hiring the right employees.
  5. Not managing employees effectively.
  6. Not having a business plan.
  7. Not measuring progress and results.

The sad truth is that about 50% of small businesses will fail within the first 5 years, many simply because they did not understand the fundamentals of running a business.

I have been blessed with a good education and with success in business. As a serial Entrepreneur I have been involved in the start-up of over a dozen business ventures and have experienced both failures and success.

In 1995 I started a business that grew rapidly and in just 39 months we successfully completed an IPO on the NASDAQ. It was a great experience to stand over the shoulder of the ‘Market Maker’ on the floor of the NASDAQ Broker Member’s trading room, watching the computer screen as the orders from across the globe for the first trades in our stock began to arrive about 30 minutes before the opening bell when the first trades were allowed.

At the start of my business career I studied to become a CPA and passed the exam in 1983.  I worked for several years as a CPA and eventually sold my interest in a successful CPA practice to enter the field of medical management consulting. I worked with hundreds of Optometrists and Ophthalmologists as a business consultant and ended up writing a book for Optometrists titled “Modern Optometry for the 90s: A Practice Management Guide”. It was a 202 page book which sold over 4,000 copies. In 1992 I went back to school and completed my MBA. In 1994 I published my second book titled “Mexico the New Land of Opportunity: A Guide to Doing Business in Mexico”. It was a 450 page book which sold over 5,000 copies in 2 years.

“The Elements of Entrepreneurial Success” is an online course composed of 15 separate books (chapters / modules) and totals over 300 pages in length. A variety of video lectures have been specifically recorded for this course.

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