Module 10: Feasibility Analysis

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Module 10: Feasibility Analysis:: Table of Contents

When you complete this chapter you will have a thorough understanding of when to prepare a Feasibility Analysis, what a Feasibility Analysis can tell you about your business concept, and what the limitations of a Feasibility Analysis are.

TEOES - Book 10Module 10: Feasibility Analysis & Opportunity Evaluation

  • Foreword
  • Lecture: Lee Thurburn
  • The Industry and Market Feasibility Analysis:
  • The Five Forces Matrix Analysis
  • The Product or Service Feasibility Analysis
  • Primary Research:
  • Secondary Research:
  • The Financial Feasibility Analysis
  • Opportunity Evaluation

Goals: A Feasibility Analysis is the process of testing the concepts for a business, the idea, and determining whether or not the idea is viable in light of the realities of the marketplace. In short, a feasibility analysis will tell you whether or not it is a good decision to pursue the business venture and make the investment in time and money required to implement the idea.

The goals of this module include establishing a thorough understanding of when to prepare a Feasibility Analysis and what it can, and cannot, tell you about your business concept.


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