Module 5: Competitive Advantage & Strategic Planning

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TEOES - Book 5Module 5: Competitive Advantage & Strategic Planning

  • Foreword
  • Lecture
  • Building a Competitive Advantage
  • The Strategic Planning and Management Process
    1. Step 1: Develop a Clear Vision of Success
    2. Step 2: Assess Strengths & Weaknesses
    3. Step 3: Assess Environmental Opportunities and Threats
    4. Step 4: Key Success Factors (KSF)
    5. Step 5: Analyze Your Competition
    6. Step 6: Defining Goals and Objectives
    7. Step 7: Create Strategic Options and Strategies
    8. Step 8: Define Your Implementation Plan
    9. Step 9: Measure Your Results and Adjust Your Implementation Plan

Goal: Almost nothing is more critical to a successful business than having a Competitive Advantage and a Strategic Plan. Understanding what a Competitive Advantage and a Strategic Plan are therefore becomes a critical step in preparing for success.

It is important to have a Competitive Advantage. A Competitive Advantage allows you to position your products and services at a higher, more profitable price point and it attracts customers. Without a Competitive Advantage your business will struggle to find traction and positive cash flow.

Strategic Planning is the process of building a road map of implementation steps that will allow you to leverage your Competitive Advantage into a positive cash flow. In this module we will cover the elements of Competitive Advantage and Strategic Planning and explore the interrelationship of the two.


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