Module 8: Pricing

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TEOES - Book 8Module 8: Pricing

  • Foreword
  • Lecture: Lee Thurburn
  • The Pricing Process
  • Potent Pricing Concepts to Consider
  • How Pricing Relates to Brand Image
  • How Competition Impacts Pricing Decisions
  • How Pricing Affects Perceived Value
  • How to Price Products/Services When Costs are Increasing
  • Pricing Strategies and Tactics
  • Introducing a New Product – Three Goals:
  • 3 Basic Strategies for New Product Pricing:
  • Pricing Techniques for Established Goods and Services
  • Pricing Concepts for Retailers: Markup & Markdown
  • Pricing Concepts for Manufacturers
  • Pricing Strategies and Methods for Service Firms
  • Impact of Credit on Pricing
  • Consumer Credit
  • E-Commerce and Credit Cards

Goals: The goal of this module is to walk the reader through various considerations that impact the pricing decision so that the prices that the new entrepreneur or business owner established are well thought out and make sense for the long term success of the enterprise.

Pricing is one of the more important decisions that any entrepreneur makes. Pricing your products or services too high or too low can have a long lasting negative impact on your company’s profitability, marketplace image, and viability.  Many factors need to be taken into consideration when considering how to price your products and services.


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